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Articles for 'Horticulture'

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Floriculture Unit

The Floriculture Unit is responsible for the following: Propagation and maintenance of plant Germplasm of endemic, rare or threatened and native species as well as imported Germplasm acquired through the... Continue »

Research and Development Unit

The Research and Development Unit is mandated to the: Conservation and preservation of indigenous flora to ensure the protection and survival of the plant biodiversity of Trinidad and Tobago. Introduction... Continue »

The Queen’s Park Savannah Unit

The Queen's Park Savannah Unit is responsible for the following activities, which are reflected in the Recurrent Estimates 2012/2013. Landscape rehabilitation services re: landscaping of government buildings, schools, degraded landscapes and... Continue »

The Royal Botanic Gardens Unit

The responsibilities of the Royal Botanic Gardens Unit includes the following which are reflected in the Recurrent Estimates 2011/2012. Educational and training programmes including tours of Royal Botanic Gardens, plant... Continue »

La Reunion Plant Propagating Station

The Agricultural Services Division maintains several germplasm collections at various sites viz the La Reunion Plant Propagation Station, Chaguaramas Agricultural Development Project (CADP), El Carmen, St. Augustine Nurseries, and Marper... Continue »

Marper Farm

Marper Farm was acquired by Government in 1928 for the purpose of cocoa research programmes in the  Ministry of Agriculture.  During the period 1935-1949, a geneticist called F.J. Pound established... Continue »

St. Augustine Nurseries

Major activities Production of high quality planting material - Citrus, mango, avocado, minor fruits and limited ornamentals. Conservation of key germplasm of  fruit types and other useful plants- citrus, mango,... Continue »