Horticulture Services

Maintains and protects plant biodiversity through the propagation, conservation and introduction of plant species

The Horticultural Services Division comprises of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Queen’s Park Savannah and the La Pastora Plant Propagation Station at Santa Cruz. The Division maintains and protect plant biodiversity of Trinidad and Tobago through the propagation and conservation of native plant species, the generation of living plant collections and introduction of appropriate non-native flora to the national landscape. Active and passive recreational opportunities are provided through the Botanic Gardens, Queen’s Park Savannah and Wild Flower Park and arboriculture works (management of trees) is facilitated on all state compounds/lands. The provision of technical advice/expertise in landscape restoration and rehabilitation is facilitated along with floriculture development through the propagation and dissemination of planting material.



External Affiliates

  • Horticultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago (HSTT)
  • Orchid Society of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Friends of the Botanic Gardens Trinidad and Tobago (FOBGTT)
  • Garden Club of Trinidad and Tobago

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