The Queen’s Park Savannah Unit

The Queen’s Park Savannah Unit is responsible for the following activities, which are reflected in the Recurrent Estimates 2012/2013.

  • Landscape rehabilitation services re: landscaping of government buildings, schools, degraded landscapes and state compounds.
  • Maintenance of the following compounds: Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries (Head Office), Wild Flower Park, President’s Playing Field and Project Coordinating Unit building on Serpentine Road, Queens Park Savannah.
  • Arboricultural works on all areas under the purview of the Division as well as on all government compounds and State Lands throughout Trinidad, and any other emergency circumstances that may arise.
  • Administrative responsibilities for the Queen’s Park Savannah.
  • Indoor and outdoor landscaping for government functions, seminars, symposia, workshops, training and education sessions, exhibitions and displays and lectures.
  • Provide sound/appropriate Landscape Extension Services to members of the public.

Queen’s Park Savannah Act

Read the Queen’s Park Savannah Act Chapter 42:06

Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Queen’s Park Savannah

  • Organizations shall be responsible for all insurance cover (public, personal and civil liability) to treat with any circumstance (s) which may arise out of use.
  • Organizations undertakes not to present alcohol at events.
  • Organization shall be responsible for the collection and disposal of all litter and garbage as arising out of events.
  • Product distribution will not include any item of glass or items in glass packaging.
  • There shall be no open or other fires.
  • The Noise Level must be kept within the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) Noise Pollution Rules (2001).
  • There shall be no conflict with other users of the site.
  • Users must not affix any notice or advertisement to any building, wall, fence, post or tree
  • Users must not cut, trim, uproot, damage or destroy any tree, shrub or plant

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