Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management Division supports the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries’ efforts in attracting, developing, retaining and engaging a high-performing workforce in support of excellence in the attainment of the Ministry’s strategic objectives; while promoting equity, transparency, and accountability.


To support the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries’ effort in attracting, developing, retaining and engaging a high-performing workforce in support of excellence in the attainment of the Ministry’s strategic objectives, while promoting equity, transparency and accountability.

The Human Resource Management Division will actively collaborate with the Ministry’s Management to maximize organisational performance and will engage staff and other stakeholders in a collaborate effort to attain efficiency and effectiveness, in order to add value to the Ministry. Thus, the Division will:

  •  Be a strong, client-focused and service-oriented Division;
  • Pursue quality in the development and implementation of human resources practices;
  • Lead the Ministry in becoming an inclusive institution;
  • Design and implement processes/procedures that are unobtrusive while conforming to the legal framework that is contained in the Public Service Regulations;
  • Consult with Divisions in the management of their human resource to facilitate the decision-making process in order to achieve best practice;
  • Serve as a resource to employees in supporting them to make informed decisions with regards to work and life issues;
  • Be a division in terms of sharing information with each other while respecting the need of confidentiality;
  • Foster the development of the human resource talent of the ministry to maximize its contribution to the country becoming a food secure nation.

Strategic Goals

  • Guide and direct management in the managing of their human resource effectively to enhance our investment in human capital;
  • Develop, communicate, and implement best practices in human resource policies, programs and processes;
  • Create comprehensive solutions to assist the ministry’s workforce in transforming to a high performance culture;
  • Serve as a model of service excellence, team work, change management and innovation and provide leadership in creating an inclusive, supportive and healthier work environment to enhance the quality of life for all employees;
  • Assure the quality and diversity of our workforce through the recruitment and retention of a talented workforce (for contract employment and recruitment of daily rated workers).


Our attitudes and actions will be driven by the following values:



Mutual Respect Integrity
Inclusion Fairness/Equity
Excellence Service Orientation
Continuous Learning

Operating Principles

In order to attain our vision, we will:

  • Be a learning Division that identifies with the work of our clients by providing innovative, flexible and timely delivery of services;
  • Be a partner with senior administration of the Ministry in developing and implementing human resource policies, practices and services that are cost efficient and add value;
  • Operate within the legal frame work with regard to the constitution and the Public Service Regulations;
  • Challenge each other to achieve excellence;
  • Recognize, value and reward collaboration, teamwork, and superior results in streamlining human resource operations and support to meet the Ministry’s changing needs; and
  • Provide career advancement opportunities, career pathways and job transfer strategies for staff growth and development.


  • To provide advisory and consultancy services to line managers in respect of Human Resource Management issues;
  • To ensure division/units are optimally and effectively staffed in order that they fulfil their objectives and strategic priorities;
  • To provide employee relations/administrative support services so that harmonious relationships and good industrial relations practices are maintained in the workplace.
  • To undertake/co-ordinate human resource development initiatives for the improvement of the competencies and capabilities of staff.

Roles and Functions

The Division consists of six units which focus on various aspects of Human Resource Management. Such activities include the recruitment and selection of staff on contract, the coordination of staff movements by arranging acting appointments and the development of the human resource through training and management of performance. Additionally, the Division also seeks to provide assistance to staff by granting access to counselling services, ensuring the quick resolve of grievances and disciplinary issues and the organising of retirement benefits for daily rated and monthly paid staff.


            Human Resource Planning Unit

  • Forecasts the needs of the Divisions/Units and makes acting appointments under delegated authority;
  • Maintains records on iHRIS and ensures the implementation of IGP in the Ministry.
  • Ensures the filling of vacancies by liaising with the Public Service Commission and requests leave reliefs when necessary;
  • Maintains and updates Establishments and revises seniority lists accordingly.

Training Unit

  • Undertakes training needs assessment through the use of various mechanisms;
  • Develops a training and development plan for all categories of staff;
  • Implements training and development activities for all categories of staff;
  • Prepares and submits requests from various Division/Units for the placement of On-the-Job Trainees (OJTs) and Associate Professionals;
  • Provides orientation and induction training to new entrants in the Public Service.


Employee Development Unit

  • Provides advice to Heads of Divisions/Units on the Performance Management system;
  • Processes Performance Appraisal Reports for monthly paid officers and ensures increments are awarded;
  • Requests medical examinations for officers to determine fitness for permanent employment in the Ministry;
  • Monitors the probationary period for officers and ensures officers are confirmed.


Employee Relations Unit

  • Ensures that Staff has access to the Employee Assistance Programme;
  • Administers devolved functions and collective agreement;
  • Processes leave for monthly paid officers and daily rated employees (Vacation Leave, Extended Sick Leave, No Pay Leave etc.;
  • Monitors and facilitates the administration of grievance procedures as well as disciplinary matters.
  • Facilitates the process of timely payment and processing of pension, gratuity and severance benefits.


Pension and Leave Unit

  • Prepares and submits the Pension and Leave Records for monthly paid officers for retirement (compulsory/voluntary), resignations, transfers and deceased officers;

Contracts Unit

  • Prepares notes to Cabinet for the creation of contract positions;
  • Recruits and Selects persons to be employed on contract to fulfil human resource needs in various Divisions/Units;
  • Prepares Note for the Minister and Ministerial Minute for approval of Terms and Conditions Approval of Contract Employment and Unutilized Vacation Leave;
  • Prepares all the required documents and information for the payment of Contract Gratuity.

Current Strategic Undertakings

  • Undergoing internal training activities to ensure both coherency and efficiency in the Divisions operations;
  • Engaging and meeting with all HR Units to clarify issues and concerns which may hinder the efficiency of the Division and brainstorming new ideas which will improve its operations;
  • Assessing outstanding acting approvals to eliminate the presence of a backlog within a stipulated timeframe;
  • Liaising with the Service Commissions Department to submit recommendations to fill vacancies within the Ministry.
Overview of Staffing at the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries
Established Positions 2,013
Positions Filled 996
Vacant Positions 1,017
Temporary and Acting Arrangements 531
Vacant Positions/Without Bodies 596
Total Number of Public Officers 1,427
Daily Paid Employees 2,000
Contract Positions 60
Short Term Contracts 96
Total Staff at MALF 3,583
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