Regional Administration North

Provides decentralised services of core divisions of the ministry to areas in North and Central Trinidad

The Regional Administration of the  Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is divided into two main Divisions: Regional Administration North and Regional Administration South. The northern region is made up of:

  • St. George County
  • St. David County
  • St. Andrew County
  • County Caroni

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Mission Statement

To provide decentralized services of core divisions of the Ministry, to facilitate increased production, the adoption of improved technology and to encourage the involvement of youth, through the provision of extension and support services as outlined in the Vision 2030- National Development Strategy


The Regional Administration facilitates the registration of farmers and the provision of farmers’ identification cards. All farmers must be registered with the Ministry in order to access the incentives and for flooding and natural disaster assistance.

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Apart from registration and youth involvement programmes, the Regional Administration is dedicated to encouraging and improving food production and food security in the Trinidad and Tobago, by helping farmers to safely, effectively, and efficiently produce their crops. This is one of the major reasons for its Agricultural Incentive Programme (AIP). Incentives are offered for land preparation, machinery and equipment, soil conservation, vehicles, specific tree crops, irrigation, pasture management for livestock, post-harvest and marketing, security, waste management, and more. The Incentive Programme has recently undergone a few major changes, and in addition to new incentives, the programme also tries to encourage conservation of the environment and good agricultural practices. There are several requirements necessary to access incentives, which can be accessed at your nearest Count Office. Call your County Office to find out more.

Please note that ONLY Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago or Residents of Trinidad and Tobago and Registered farmers are allowed to access the Agricultural Incentive Programme (AIP).


Registered farmers in search of advice can receive counsel from the Regional Administration County Offices including:

  • the management of plant pests and disease
  • the production of various agricultural commodities (crops and livestock, including bees)
  • using good agricultural practices
  • water management
  • record-keeping


Farmers, in addition to home gardeners, can access training programmes on agriculture and agri-business management at the County Offices.


The Regional Administration North and South Divisions hosts of a variety of services available to farmers and the public. Both the North and South Divisions play an integral part in the management and eradication of dangerous pests; specifically, Africanised bees (Bee Abatement).

The Regional Administration Divisions also responsible for the management of the Giant African Snail (GAS), Cedros and Moruga locusts, which can cause substantial damage to crops.


Currently, the Regional Administration is working on a database of farmers and food producers. This database will help both divisions give better service and support to farmers.



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