Divisions & Units

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is supported by several key Divisions and Units responsible for delivering the organisation’s mandate.



The Agricultural Planning Division is concerned with strategic planning, policy support, facilitation, intelligence and data collection that supports the planning of the nation’s agricultural portfolio.

Main contact

Tel: 622-1221 ext. 2120
Fax: 622-8762

The Agricultural Services Division (ASD) focuses on the production of high quality agricultural planting material for sale to the farming community and the general public thereby contributing to improved food security.

Main contact

Tel: 645-6552 / 0534
Fax: 662-5413
Email: agri_serv_div@nullhotmail.com

The Animal Production & Health (AP&H) Division provides quality goods and services cost effectively and reliably to the satisfaction of our clients, in support of a competitive and sustainable livestock sub-sector and in the promotion of human health.

Main contact

Tel: 625-5997, 625-1473, 669-6623
Fax: 625-5993

The mandate of the ETIS Division is to provide information in aspects of agriculture and related issues with the aim of assisting farmers in increasing efficiency in production and hence increasing profitability.

Main contact

Tel: 646-2737; 646-2738
Fax: 642-6747
Email: FPETIS@nullgov.tt

The Engineering Division is responsible for the surveying, testing, construction and maintenance of critical sector infrasturcture. The Division does not execute works at the direct request from farmers or the farming community.

Main contact

Tel: 642-0363,0267, 646-5231
Fax: 646-2017

The Fisheries Division is charged with the responsibility to oversee all matters related to the sustainable development of the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Main contact

Tel: (868) 623- 6028/8525
Fax: (868) 623-8542
Email: fishdiv@nullgov.tt

The Forestry Division’s responsibility is to sustainably manage the nation’s forests to ensure that they are abundant, ecologically healthy, biologically diverse and contribute to the wellbeing of all people and to the national economy in current and future generations.

Main contact

Secretary to Conservator of Forests – 225-3868
Secretary to Deputy Conservator of Forests – 225-3861
Receptionist – 225-3865

The Horticulture Services Division (HSD) maintains and protect plant biodiversity of Trinidad and Tobago through the propagation and conservation of native plant species, the generation of living plant collections and introduction of appropriate non-native flora to the national landscape.

Main contact

Tel: 622-6494
Fax: 622-9131
Email: FPHorticulture@nullgov.tt / GBrathwaite@nullfp.gov.tt

The Human Resource Management Division supports the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries’ efforts in attracting, developing, retaining and engaging a high-performing workforce in support of excellence in the attainment of the Ministry’s strategic objectives; while promoting equity, transparency, and accountability.

Main contact

Tel: 220-6253 

The Land Management Division (LMD) is responsible for the acquisition of privately owned land for public purposes and the issuance of State Grants. The Office of the Commissioner of State Lands (COSL) is charged with the overall management, distribution and allocation of all State Lands which, includes all shoreline below the high water mark and the seabed within the waters of Trinidad and Tobago.

Main contact

Tel: 675-5547 or 638-5233
Email: cosl1@nullgov.tt

The RAN provides decentralised services of core divisions of the Ministry in St. George County, St. David County. St. Andrew County and County Caroni.

Main contact

Tel: 663-2052, 663-3531, 663-4774 , 645-6284
Fax: 645-9963

The Division delivers a coordinated package of technical, advisory and support services to reach the widest possible cross section of the farming community in the counties of Victoria, Nariva /Mayaro and St Patrick East and St Patrick West.

Main contact

Tel: 225-4727; 225-4637
Fax: 225-3289, 225-3290

While the major purpose of the Research Division is to undertake research in both Crops and livestock in support of agricultural development in the country over the years, its strength in the provision of free support services to the farming community and general public has increased.

Main contact

Tel: 646-4334/7
Fax: 646-1646
Email: fpresearch@nullfp.gov.tt

The Surveys and Mapping Division stores and maintain sgeographical data, land related, aerial and hydrographic information for the Government, Private Sector and Public of the Trinidad and Tobago.

Main contact

Tel/Fax: 627-9201 Ext. 237
Email: surmaptt@nullgmail.com

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