Floriculture Unit

The Floriculture Unit is responsible for the following:

  • Propagation and maintenance of plant Germplasm of endemic, rare or threatened and native species as well as imported Germplasm acquired through the Index Seminum Programme.
  • Propagation, production and distribution of indigenous and other ornamental plants for Environment Horticultural Management Works (of the Landscape Management Unit), sale to other Government agencies e.g. Highways Beautification Unit, Ministry of Works contractors, other landscapers and the general public – Schools and other civic organizations.
  • Initial multiplication of native or indigenous material of value to the Floriculture Industry or other economic potential, with a view to facilitating industry development.
  • Production/maintenance of ornamental potted and bagged plants for short term loan to government offices, state functions, schools, for indoor and outdoor landscaping,
  • Production of traditional and non-traditional fruit tree crops.
  • Production of cut flowers for internal use.

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