St. Augustine Nurseries

The St. Augustine Nurseries has been mandated to supply high quality planting material to farmers and the wider community, since its establishment several decades ago.  Today, the St. Augustine Nurseries comprises of twenty (20) hectares of prime agricultural land located at Farm Road, Curepe and is fully cultivated with orchard type fruit trees, minor fruits, ornamental trees and shrubs as well as herbs and spices.

In 2018, it was discovered that much of Trinidad and Tobago’s citrus population had become infected with the Citrus Greening Disease. The St. Augustine Nurseries’ germplasm was no exception, which prompted the nursery’s decision to remove and destroy all infected plants and start again with new, disease free germplasm to aid with the mitigation of the Citrus Greening Disease in the country.

Following this fresh start, the production of disease free/ tolerant citrus plants is a recent addition to aid with the mitigation of Citrus Greening Disease in the country.

The major activities at the St. Augustine Nurseries include:

  • Production of high quality planting material – citrus, mango, avocado, minor fruits, herbs and spices
  • Production of selected ornamental plants
  • Preservation and Conservation of key germplasm of  fruit types and other useful plants- citrus, mango, avocado, other tropical fruit types, herbs and spices and ornamental shade trees and shrubs.
  • The production of disease free/ tolerant citrus plants to Citrus Greening Disease


Citrus production at St. Augustine Nurseries

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