Regional Administration South (RAS) Offices

Regional Administration South (RAS)

King’s Wharf
San Fernando

Tel: 225-4727; 225-4637
Fax: 225-3289, 225-3290

County St. Patrick West

Reid Road
Point Fortin

Tel: 648-2384/1426
Fax: 648-2384

County St. Patrick East

Ramjattan Street

Tel:647-8460, 647-1167, 647-4451
Fax: 647-4672

County Victoria

Breeding Unit Trace
Princess Town

Tel: 655-3428, 655-5637
Fax: 655-7526

Counties Nariva/Mayaro

Pond Road
Rio Claro

Tel: 644-2326 / 2882
Fax: 644-2326

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