La Reunion Plant Propagation Station

The Agricultural Services Division maintains several germplasm collections at various sites viz the La Reunion Plant Propagation Station, National Seed Bank (Chaguaramas), St. Augustine Nurseries, and Marper Farm. The plant genetic resources located at La Reunion include tree crops such as cocoa, avocado, sapodilla and mango along with minor and exotic fruits.  By conservation of these resources, the station has an important role in the wider strategy of the sector policy for achieving national food security.

Since its inception in 1953, the La Reunion Plant Propagation Station has been charged with the responsibility of supplying high quality planting material to farmers and the wider community.  Today, the core function of this station is to propagate cocoa, breadfruit and coffee planting material as well as avocado, mango and minor fruit plants for use by the farming community.  In addition, key germplasm of agricultural importance are conserved at La Reunion inclusive of cocoa, coffee and bananas for plant production purposes and for the benefit of both the present and future generations.

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Cocoa Production at La Reunion Plant Propagation Station

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