Regional Administration South

Provides decentralised services of core divisions of the ministry to areas in South Trinidad

The Regional Administration South (RAS) Division was established in 1988 to service the needs of the farming community particularly in the counties of Victoria, Nariva /Mayaro and St Patrick East and St Patrick West. The County Offices are located across the country in order to decentralize access to resources provided by the Ministry, and bring services closer to the farmers.

The Division was mandated to deliver a coordinated package of technical, advisory and support services. These services are a combination of core activities of the RAS as well as several divisions of the Ministry and other Government agencies in order to reach the widest possible cross section of the farming community island wide.

To efficiently provide these services, the RAS Division is further divided into the following sub-sections:

  • Extension Services and Training
  • Administration of the Agricultural Incentive Programme (AIP)
  • Bee Abatement Services
  • State Land Unit
  • Livestock Unit and Veterinary Services
  • Engineering Unit
  • Fisheries Services

The RAS Division’s goal of providing a coordinated approach to the delivery of support services to all clientele; is dedicated to encouraging and improving food production and food security in the Trinidad and Tobago, by helping farmers to safely, effectively, and efficiently produce their crops and livestock.


To be a client-oriented, performance-driven, environmentally-responsible organization delivering integrated services aligned to a changing food and agriculture system.


To provide decentralized services of core divisions of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries to facilitate increased production, the adoption of improved technology and to encourage the involvement of youth, through the provision of extension and support services.


Provision of support services to all units of the Region in respect of finance/accounting, human resource management, information and property management.

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