Supports the agricultural development of the country by providing scientific support services to the farming community and general public

The Research Division of the Ministry of Food Production comprises of three sub-divisions, namely Crop Protection, Crops, and Livestock. In addition there are three stations which provide support services and are field stations of the research division- La Reunion, El Carmen and Aripo Livestock Station. Additionally, the Research Division Library Services Unit also plays an important role in catering for diverse information needs of clients.

The main administrative office and laboratories of the research Division are located at Central Experimental Station, Caroni North Bank Road, Centeno.

While the major purpose of the Research Division is to undertake research in both Crops and livestock in support of agricultural development in the country over the years, its strength in the provision of free support services to the farming community and general public has increased.

Services provided include pest and disease diagnostic studies, soil testing, plant tissue analysis, seed testing, provision of planting material, library and information services and the provision of technical information. The following are sub-sections of the Sub-divisions of the Research Division.



Crop Protection Sub-sections

Crop Sub-sections

Livestock Sub-sections

  • Dairy Unit
  • Beef and Buffalo Research Unit
  • Small Animal Research Unit
  • Services Unit

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