Questions and Answers (Q&As) – Agricultural Finance Support Programme (Agro-Incentive Grant)



  • What is the purpose of the Agro-Incentive Grant?

The purpose of the programme is to assist farmers in attaining new Techniques, Equipment and Technology.


  • Who can apply?

Any person who is registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries as a farmer, fisherman, licensed woodcutter, licensed saw miller or an individual who can demonstrate that they are currently involved in Agriculture.


  • How many applications per person?

Only One (1) application per person.


  • How many applications per parcel of land?

Only One (1) application per parcel of land.


  • Is there an email account facility for Questions and Answers?

Yes, information request can be emailed to the Communications Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Fisheries (MALF) at


  • Is there a Facility for Submission of Applications?

All applications must be submitted at any of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) Branches or at the Ministry’s Head Office in Chaguanas.

To view the ADB Branches please click on the following link:


  • Will applications without Commissioner of Affidavits stamp and signature be considered?

All applications MUST be endorsed by a Commissioner of Affidavits.


  • Would Site visits be conducted?

Yes, Site visits will be conducted by members of Committee on a need basis.


  • Is a Quotation required to support budget proposal in the application?

Quotations must be supplied to support proposals.


  • Is there any opportunities given to farmers with expired registration cards?

Yes, farmers with expired registration cards will be given the opportunity to apply, however, there must be evidence that the renewal process for the expired card has begun.


  • What are the requirements to access the Agro-Incentive Grant?

– Registered Farmer

– Land Tenure

– Business Plan


  • Do I have to repay the Grant?

No, however the qualified applicant must adhere to the terms and condition to which the grant was approved.


  • Would I be contacted if my Application was unsuccessful?

Yes, the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries will contact all unsuccessful applicants via a formal correspondence.


Access the Agro-Incentive Grant Application Form and Instructions at the following link:

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