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  • National Food Safety Policy (2018-2023)

    An effective national food control system is a necessity for every nation to protect its consumers (national and international) against foods that are contaminated, adulterated or in other ways injurious to health, or which are incorrectly packaged or labelled. National food control systems can contribute to economic development by ensuring and maintaining consumer confidence in the food system and provide a sound regulatory foundation for domestic and international trade of food.

  • Importation of Dogs and Cats

    With effect from April 2013, Trinidad and Tobago implemented a system that allows the
    importation of dogs and cats without quarantine.
    Citizens/residents of Trinidad and Tobago are allowed to take their dogs and cats to any
    country and return without the need for the animals to enter quarantine, once our entry
    requirements are met.
    These rules are in place to keep the people and pets in Trinidad and Tobago safe from
    rabies and certain other diseases.

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