Agricultural Incentives

The Agricultural Incentive Programme (AIP) is a tangible fiscal and non-fiscal package of rebates and exemption on goods and services offered to the farming community. It serves as an indication of the Ministry’s commitment to the fostering of growth and development of various agricultural sub-sectors in a liberalized trading environment. It seeks to encourage farmers to increase production, promote good agricultural practices, encourage the preservation of the environment and the conservation of natural resources as well as promote youth in agriculture. Incentives are offered for land preparation, machinery and equipment, soil conservation, vehicles, specific tree crops, irrigation, pasture management for livestock, post-harvest and marketing, security, waste management, and more. The Incentive Programme has recently undergone a few major changes, and in addition to new incentives, the programme also tries to encourage conservation of the environment, and good agricultural practices. .

A full list of the incentives are available at the nearest County Extension Offices. Registered farmers must present their cards to access these services.

How to access this service

Documents needed:

  • Original receipts / bills / invoices (Documents only valid for one (1)  year)
  • Land and building taxes for the current year
  • Deed
  • Inspector’s certificate.
  • Certified copy for vehicle, if purchasing
  • Farmers card
  • National Identification card.


Please see list of Agricultural Incentives

FAQs for Agricultural Incentive Programme


Application must be made at County Extension Office.

See location and contact Information of County Offices

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