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Issuance of Minor Forest Produce Licence

Before a person applies for one of the many Goods and Services offered by the Forestry Division they should consider the following: The location where the service is required (What... Continue »

Issuance of Private Removal Permit

The process for receiving the permit is simple: Members of the public come to the Forest Office Rio Claro to set an appointment date and submit an application Forest Officer... Continue »

Bulk Sales Process for Clearfell and Thinnings

The process is as follows: Fields are identified and surveyed to ascertain volume. (Thinnings at 5 ha. and clearfelled plots at 2.5 ha.). This data is forwarded to Forest Ressearch... Continue »

Issuance of Sawmill License

The Conservator of Forests, in accordance with the Sawmill Act: Section 4:4, may grant a licence to operate a Sawmill under the following terms and conditions: Application FORM F: 19... Continue »

Regional Administration North

The Regional Administration of the  Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is divided into two main Divisions: Regional Administration North and Regional Administration South. The northern region is made up... Continue »

Regional Administration South

The Regional Administration South (RAS) Division was established in 1988 to service the needs of the farming community particularly in the counties of Victoria, Nariva /Mayaro and St Patrick East... Continue »

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