Bulk Sales Process for Clearfell and Thinnings

The process is as follows:

  1. Fields are identified and surveyed to ascertain volume. (Thinnings at 5 ha. and clearfelled plots at 2.5 ha.). This data is forwarded to Forest Ressearch Inventory Management for collation and to ascertain the number of fields available.
  2. An advertisement is then placed in all Daily Newspapers for interested sawmillers to send their Expressions of Interest in fields, for either Teak or Pine or both.
  3. Interested sawmillers submit expressions of interest via letters to the Forestry Division’s Head Office tender box.
  4. These tenders are opened and each expression of interest is given a reference number.
  5. These letters are then vetted to assess qualification for fields.
  6. Those who are qualified are contacted and invited to the lottery draw and those who do not qualify are given reason(s) for such.
  7. The qualified sawmillers are then invited to the lottery draw where these persons draw at random the fields that they would be assigned based on their expressed interest.
  8. The timber sales agreements are then drawn up for signature between sawmillers and the Conservator of Forests.
  9. Sawmillers post their bond, and the Forester I assigned to that field in the conservancy would accompany the respective sawmiller to their allotted field for viewing.
  10. Sawmillers then make an appointment with the Forester I, to oversee operations each time to extract material from the field.
  11. Initially, 3-5 months is allotted to each sawmiller to clear fell their allotted field. One (1) month extension is granted if necessary, upon the discretion of the Forester I. If additional time is needed, further extensions can be applied for. However, granting of this extension falls under the authority of the Director of FRIM.

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