Issuance of Protected Animal Permit/Second Schedule Animals

How to access this service

The application procedure is as follows:

  • Collect an application form from the following stations:
  1. Forestry – Sangre Grande
  2. Wildlife Section – St. Joseph
  3. Forestry South office
  4. Forestry Head office – St. James
  5. Forestry, Rio Claro
  • Fill out the form in duplicate and it must be stamped by one of the office staff, where you the applicant leaves with a copy.
  • The Game Wardens will call the applicant to arrange a site visit, where they will assess if the protected animal or second schedule animals are domesticated
  • If the surroundings are conducive for keeping the animal, i.e. the cage size/ habitat and the sanitary conditions, persons ability to offer adequate care.
  • The location of the animals e.g. Parrots/ Macaws, their noise level would not be a burden to neighbours.
  • Once all the standards are met a permit will be granted from the date the application is approved, this is valid until the December 31st of that year.
  • State how was protected animal acquired lawfully.

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