Issuance of Private Removal Permit

The process for receiving the permit is simple:

  • Members of the public come to the Forest Office Rio Claro to set an appointment date and submit an application
  • Forest Officer goes out and does an inspection
  • Upon approval of the application, public will have to pay for the permit at the Revenue Office
  • Permit is issued (permit is permission to remove logs from roadside to sawmill).

Required documents

Documents required to apply for a Private Removal Permit:

  • Most recent Land Tax Receipt
  • One (1) Form of Identification
  • Land Deed clearly stating Owner of Property

Private Removal Permits are valid for 30 days and cost TT$30.00 (Extensions cost TT$10.00/week)

Note: If the property is owned by more than one person, approval letters from each individual owner must accompany the application

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