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Fisheries Management Review

25th September, 2023:- Trinidad and Tobago was identified by the European Commission as a non-cooperating third country pursuant to provisions of Article 32 of the European Council Regulation (EC) no.... Continue »

Permits to keep protected animals

What is a Protected Animal? Section 2 of Conservation of Wild Life Act (CoWA) states that a Protected Animal is any animal not listed or mentioned under the Second or... Continue »

Issuance of Minor Forest Produce Licence

Before a person applies for one of the many Goods and Services offered by the Forestry Division they should consider the following: The location where the service is required (What... Continue »

Exhibition by Forestry Information Unit

The Group, Organisation or School is required to: write a letter to the Conservator of Forests, State in the letter the Date, Theme and where it will be held Send... Continue »

Issuance of Sawmill License

The Conservator of Forests, in accordance with the Sawmill Act: Section 4:4, may grant a licence to operate a Sawmill under the following terms and conditions: Application FORM F: 19... Continue »

Regional Administration South

The Regional Administration South (RAS) Division was established in 1988 to service the needs of the farming community particularly in the counties of Victoria, Nariva /Mayaro and St Patrick East... Continue »

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