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Seed Sales

Seed Sales and Sale of Root Crop Planting material Crops seeds include: Corn Pigeon peas Ochro Bodi Hot pepper Sorrel Melongene Hot pepper Carailli Seim Bean Other Local Vegetables  ... Continue »

Plant sales of tropical fruits, ornamentals and herbs

Sale of Tropical fruits, herbs and spices and ornamental nursery plants Plant Types include: Cocoa Citrus Breadfruit Coffee Mango Avocado Coconut Other Tropical fruits Herbs and spices Ornamentals Continue »

Sale of State Game Licence

A State Game Licence is simply a licence sometimes referred to as “permit” to hunt a particular species or group of animals listed under of the Second Schedule of the... Continue »

Issuance of Special Game Licence

What is a Special Game Licences? A Special Game Licence is a license granted by the Chief Game Warden upon such conditions as he thinks fit (under Section 10 of... Continue »

Permit to keep specified birds listed under Part III of the Second Schedule

What is a permit to keep a Second Schedule Animal? A permit made mandatory by legal Notice 137 of 2016 to keep captive five (5) species of seed-eating Cage Birds... Continue »

Permits to keep protected animals

What is a Protected Animal? Section 2 of Conservation of Wild Life Act (CoWA) states that a Protected Animal is any animal not listed or mentioned under the Second or... Continue »

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