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Entry on the Record of Trinidad and Tobago Fishing Vessels of commercial vessel intending to fish/fishing on the high seas

Persons intending to use a commercial fishing vessel on the high seas should obtain provisional approval from the Fisheries Division prior to registering the vessel with the Maritime Services Division,... Continue »

Import of raw materials (fish and fish products) duty free for processing purposes – Minister’s Licence

A Minister’s Licence for the importation of raw materials (fish and fish products) duty free for processing. Continue »

Vendors Card

This facility is open to wholesalers and retailers of agricultural produce. Continue »

Trade Facilitatation – on Import Permits for Plants and Plant Products

This facility is available to residents of Trinidad and Tobago only. Continue »

Trade Facilitatation on Sanitary and Phytosanitary

This facility is aimed at importers, exporters and food producers Continue »

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