Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

  • Regulatory Assisting in the enforcement of the Animal (Diseases and Importation) Act (1954) and the Regulations made thereunder.


  • Preventative: The prevention and control of notifiable and other diseases by efficient diagnosis of index cases.


  • Diagnostic: Through the provision of specialized laboratory services for the diagnosis of animal diseases including diseases of public health and food safety significance. The diagnostic support services include necropsy histopathology, microbiology, hematology, serology and parasitology. The shipping of biological samples in compliance with international regulations are also facilitated.


  • Investigative: Facilitate the investigation of animal diseases through coordinated surveillance programs with the field services.


Diagnostic Services are provided to State Veterinary Officers, who provide clinical and preventative medicine services to the local livestock farmers. Additionally, services are provided to Private Veterinarians in companion, exotic and farm animal practice.

The VDL also facilitates diagnostic testing for the Emperor Valley Zoo, the Veterinary Public Health Division of the Ministry of Health, the Wildlife Section, Forestry Division (Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries) and several private institutions.

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