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Livestock Research

Research opportunities area offered to Tertiary Institutions to work in collaboration with Research Livestock sub unit ofthe Animal Production and Health Division. Cull stock (the off-shoot of research) may be... Continue »

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Regulatory Assisting in the enforcement of the Animal (Diseases and Importation) Act (1954) and the Regulations made thereunder.   Preventative: The prevention and control of notifiable and other diseases by... Continue »

Information Services

This facility is available to the general public: Fisheries Statistics. Library Services: books, periodicals, theses, journals, research papers and internal reports covering topics such as biodiversity, biology, conservation, ecology, food... Continue »

Library and Information Services

A range of services are offered, including: Literature on agriculture and related topics References services Database searches Continue »

Pest and disease diagnoses

A range of services are offered, including: Disease identification Pest identification Pest management advice Continue »

Seed Testing

A range of services are offered, including: Germination Purity Continue »

Soil Testing

A range of services are offered, including: Nutrient status of soil Fertilizer recommendations PH/lime statistics Continue »

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