Animal Production & Health

Provides quality goods and services to support a sustainable livestock sub-sector and the promotion of human health

The Mission of the Animal Production and Health (AP&H) Division is to provide quality goods and services cost effectively and reliably to the satisfaction of our clients, in support of a competitive and sustainable livestock sub-sector and in the promotion of human health.

In support of this Mission, the Division is committed to:

  • Influencing the formulation and implementation of appropriate and clearly defined policies, plans and integrated programmes for the livestock sub-sector.
  • The improvement of the genetic capability and performance of various classes of livestock e.g. cattle, sheep and goats.
  • Assisting in the development of incentive programmes that will attract investment into the sub-sector and stimulate efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Assisting the livestock sub-sector in achieving greater efficiency of production and improved product quality by providing cost effective veterinary health and livestock production programmes.
  • Collaboration with public and private sector organizations on relevant aspects of human health and to assist in protecting the human population form diseases transmitted through animals and unwholesome animal products.


The function of the Animal Production and Health (AP&H) Division is to facilitate the improvement in efficiency and cost effectiveness of production for the realization of competitive and sustainable livestock sub-sector.


The Animal Production and Health Division comprises three (3) Sub-Division as follows.

The Animal Production Sub – Division

The facilities of this Sub-Division are:

The Animal Health Sub-division

Sugarcane Feeds Centre

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