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Seed Sales

Seed Sales and Sale of Root Crop Planting material Crops seeds include: Corn Pigeon peas Ochro Bodi Hot pepper Sorrel Melongene Hot pepper Carailli Seim Bean Other Local Vegetables  ... Continue »

Plant sales of tropical fruits, ornamentals and herbs

Sale of Tropical fruits, herbs and spices and ornamental nursery plants Plant Types include: Cocoa Citrus Breadfruit Coffee Mango Avocado Coconut Other Tropical fruits Herbs and spices Ornamentals Continue »

Aquaculture: Food Fish Farmer (Aquaculturist) Registration

This facility is available to applicants who have met the requirements for registration as a Commercial Food Fish Farmer and assigned an Aquaculturist ID. Continue »

St. Augustine Nurseries

The St. Augustine Nurseries has been mandated to supply high quality planting material to farmers and the wider community, since its establishment several decades ago.  Today, the St. Augustine Nurseries... Continue »

Animal Production & Health

The Mission of the Animal Production and Health (AP&H) Division is to provide quality goods and services cost effectively and reliably to the satisfaction of our clients, in support of... Continue »

Geographic Information Systems

The Ministry began its investment in GIS in late 2011 with the conversion of the organisation’s paper based filing system to a multi-layered GIS dataset. Although this process is still on-going,... Continue »


Welcome to the main library and knowledge centre in the Ministry of Food Production. We at the Main Library Unit of the Ministry of Food Production, Research Division are open... Continue »

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