Permits to keep protected animals

What is a Protected Animal?

Section 2 of Conservation of Wild Life Act (CoWA) states that a Protected Animal is any animal not listed or mentioned under the Second or Third Schedule of the Act.

Regulation 9 (1) made under Section 24 of CoWA states that “No person shall keep a protected animal in captivity unless he is authorized so to do by permit issued under these Regulations”.

Regulation 9 (2) made under Section 24 of CoWA states that “Any person who contravenes subregulation (1) is liable on summary conviction to a fine of two hundred dollars”. A permit to keep a Protected Animal is therefore required.


How to access this service

Persons desirous of obtaining a Permit to keep a Protected Animal must apply on the appropriate form which can be obtained at the following Forestry Division Locations:

    1. Forestry Division North East Office, Damarie Hill, Sangre Grande
    2. Forestry Division Wildlife Section, farm Road, St. Joseph
    3. Forestry Division South Office, Balisier Ave, Pleasantville
    4. Forestry Head Office, Long Circular Rd, St. James
    5. Forestry Rio Claro, Ranns Building, Naparima-Mayaro Rd
  • Applicant must complete in duplicate the form entitled “APPLICATION TO KEEP PROTECTED ANIMALS [Regulation 9 (1)]”.
  • Ensure the office staff stamps a copy and returns it as the applicant’s record of application. The applicant must ensure to obtain information regarding the requirements for keeping that specific animal
  • The applicant will be called for arrangement of a site visit by Game Wardens or someone else from the Wildlife Section. The Wildlife personnel will make a recommendation to the Chief Game Warden for a permit to be granted or not.
  • Consideration for recommendation will be based on whether the acquisition of the animal was legal, the housing and the environment and health and disease risks among other considerations
  • Once the Wildlife Section personnel is satisfied, a recommendation will be made for a permit to be granted from the date the application is approved, this is valid until the December 31st of that year.

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