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Avocado Lace Bug

The avocado lace bug is a tiny, sucking insect with wings that look like lace. This insect is found in the Caribbean and USA and attacks the leaves of avocado,... Continue »

Bacterial Fruit Blotch Watermelon

Bacterial fruit blotch is a seed-borne bacterial disease that affects cucurbits (watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, and pumpkin) and some solanceous plants (melongene and sweet peppers). It was discovered in Mayaro, Trinidad... Continue »

Haunglongbing disease of citrus

Huanglongbing disease of citrus (also called citrus greening or yellow dragon disease) is a bacterial disease that affects all above ground parts of the plant: leaves, branches and fruits Continue »

Tomato leaf miner

The tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta is a tiny moth whose larva attacks solanaceous plants (like tomato, melongene, peppers, nightshade and jimson weed) and also beans. It is native of... Continue »

Red Palm Weevil

Red palm Weevil or Asian palm Weevil or Indian palm weevil, hynchophorus ferrugineus is the most dangerous and deadly pest of palms, including coconut, date, royal, and talipot (Fig. 1).... Continue »

Lethal Yellowing of Coconuts

Lethal yellowing is a fatal disease of palms, including coconuts. It is caused by a phytoplasma. Over 38 species of palms are susceptible to lethal yellowing. There are no resistant... Continue »

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