Livestock Unit and Veterinary Services

There are small ruminants (sheep and goat) being reared at Mayaro breeding Unit, St Patrick East and Cedros Breeding Unit. The roles of these units are to provide the following services with the assistance of the staff and Veterinarians from the Animal production and Health Division:

  1. Provision of high quality breeding stock free from diseases to registered farmers at a subsidized cost.
  2. Provision of Stud Services to farmers wanting to improve their breeding stock at a subsidized cost.
  3. Training and advisory services in collaboration with the Animal Production & Heath Division on animal husbandry and health inclusive of:
  • Breeds and breeding of the main breeds of sheep and goat reared in T&T, gestation period and ovulation cycle.
  • Feeding and nutrition- development and maintenance of high quality forage inclusive of grass and high protein legume, supplements- vitamins & minerals, concentrate feeds/ bulk feeds
  • Housing & management- highlighting different types of housing and infrastructure- slatted floor, deep litter, paved surface, earthen pens, intensive or semi-intensive systems
  • Pest and disease management with respect to internal parasites and other diseases
  1. Veterinary Services including vaccinations for the management of Rabies disease, surveillance at the ports of South Trinidad for the illegal importation of animals and to assist the Ministry of National Security with the destruction of diseased animals at the illegal ports of South Trinidad

5. Processing of incentives for livestock

How to access this service

Services are accessible to the South region through the County Offices

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