Bee Abatement Services


To protect members of the public from Africanized bees and to facilitate the capture and control of Africanized bee swarms

There are bee abatement personnel stationed at the various extension offices who destroy or capture Africanized bees, preventing risk of stinging incidences. There is an Apiary at the Nariva/Mayaro station where captured bees are housed or may be given to beekeepers that may have been trained in apiculture production by ministry personnel.

Conducting of training on apiculture and bee abatement

The RAS conducts training on apiculture and value added production of bee products, candle and wine making , pollen and Jelly production. Training on bee abatement is conducted based on request by companies, for example the T&TEC who will need to destroy bees on electricity poles.

How to access this service

Services are accessible to the South region through the County Offices.

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