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The Queen’s Park Savannah Unit

The Queen's Park Savannah Unit is responsible for the following activities, which are reflected in the Recurrent Estimates 2012/2013. Landscape rehabilitation services re: landscaping of government buildings, schools, degraded landscapes and... Continue »

The Royal Botanic Gardens Unit

The responsibilities of the Royal Botanic Gardens Unit includes the following which are reflected in the Recurrent Estimates 2011/2012. Educational and training programmes including tours of Royal Botanic Gardens, plant... Continue »

Outreach Programmes

Community Outreach Programme Provision of technical support and assistance to farmers, schools, tertiary institutions, YTEPP, youth groups, rural women, government and non- government organizations as well as community based organizations... Continue »

Artificial Breeding Centre Tours

Tours are only available on request to Secondary School and Tertiary Institutions. Continue »

Use of the Queen’s Park Savannah for passive and active recreation only

It should be noted that there are fees attached to the utilisation of the Queen's Park Savannah. It is a much sought-after venue, and we seek as much as possible... Continue »

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