Sale of State Game Licence

A State Game Licence is simply a licence sometimes referred to as “permit” to hunt a particular species or group of animals listed under of the Second Schedule of the Conservation of Wildlife Act during October 1st to February 27th or February 28th. The State Game Licence (SGL) for waterfowl is valid from November.

State Game Licence cost TT$100.00 each and there is a maximum of three (3) (SGL)for each hunter. State Game License usually goes on sale from the third week of September at the following locations:

  1. Forestry Division North East Office, Damarie Hill, Sangre Grande
  2. Forestry Division Wildlife Section, Farm Road, St. Joseph
  3. Forestry Division South Office, Balisier Ave, Pleasantville
  4. Forestry Head Office, Long Circular Rd, St. James
  5. Forestry Rio Claro, Ranns Building, Naparima-Mayaro Rd
  6. District Revenue Office, EMR, Tunapuna
  7. District Revenue Office, High St, Siparia
  8. District Revenue Office, Ramsaran St, Chaguanas

How to access this service

State Game Licence must be completed and returned by May 31st of the following year.

The information required for completion includes hunters’ name and address, a valid identification eg. National ID card, passport or Driver’s Permit.

State Game Licence are not transferable and must be produced upon demand by a Game Warden, including Honorary Game Warden, Forest Officer and Constables.

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