Issuance of Special Game Licence

What is a Special Game Licences?

A Special Game Licence is a license granted by the Chief Game Warden upon such conditions as he thinks fit (under Section 10 of the Conservation of Wild Life Act). A Special Game License shall entitle the holder to hunt any animal specified therein for any of the following purposes:

  • Scientific Research;
  • Collection of specimens for zoological gardens, museums and similar institutions;
  • Eradication of animals declared to be vermin by Section 11:
  1. The animals mentioned in the Third Schedule are hereby declared to be vermin.
  2. Subject to sections 4 and 6, the owner or occupier of any lands, his agent or servant may, without license of any kind, on such lands hunt and destroy any animal mentioned in the Third Schedule whether during the close season or not.

How to access this service

  1. The person or institution desirous of obtaining a Special Game Licence must apply in writing to the Chief Game Warden through the Wildlife Biologist and Head, Wildlife Section;
  2. The request will be investigated as required by the Wildlife Section and an appropriate recommendation will be made to the Chief Game Warden regarding the granting of this Licence.
  3. Special Game Licences have specific conditions which must be adhered to regarding geographic location, species in question, the amount of persons participating in the exercise and the duration of the Licences.
  4. Special Game Licences are (at this time) free of charge.

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