Sugarcane Feeds Centre

In 1976 the Sugarcane Feeds Centre was established by the Mc. Gill University of Canada as a collaborative five (5) year project with the University of the West Indies. The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago became responsible for its operations in 1981 through the Ministry of Agriculture.

The primary role and function of the Centre is applied research, development, demonstration and training in integrated agricultural systems. The Centre utilizes local and on-farm forage and crop resources together with agro by-products for animal feeding and crop production.

The mandate of the SFC is demonstration, training, development, research and teaching in integrated agricultural production systems for sustainable food production and food safety.

Livestock and livestock related areas of concentration at the Centre include; ruminants- dairy cattle, beef and buffalypso meat production, goat and sheep; monogastrics;- rabbits, pigs and poultry; integrated aquaculture of tilapia, cascadura and black river conch; neo-tropical animal production models, forage and crop production, abattoir facilities,  waste management, research and development, extension, demonstration and training.


  • Sale of meat and meat products including fish.
  • Abattoir
  • Dissemination of information to farmers, students thought field Demonstrations and Training.
  • Incinerator facilities for waste disposal.
  • Sales of manure and compost.
  • Use of Training Facilities.


Please be informed that the telephone contact numbers, 665-9987 and 665 -7913 at the Sugar Cane Feed Centre (SFC) located at Pokhor Road, Longdenville are temporarily unavailable. Persons wishing to contact the SFC can send their information via email to:
We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the disruption of telephone services. The Ministry is working closely with the authorities in order to have the situation rectified in the shortest possible time.

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