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Exhibition by Forestry Information Unit

The Group, Organisation or School is required to: write a letter to the Conservator of Forests, State in the letter the Date, Theme and where it will be held Send... Continue »

The Royal Botanic Gardens Unit

The responsibilities of the Royal Botanic Gardens Unit includes the following which are reflected in the Recurrent Estimates 2011/2012. Educational and training programmes including tours of Royal Botanic Gardens, plant... Continue »

Regional Administration North

The Regional Administration of the  Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is divided into two main Divisions: Regional Administration North and Regional Administration South. The northern region is made up... Continue »

Regional Administration South

The Regional Administration South (RAS) Division was established in 1988 to service the needs of the farming community particularly in the counties of Victoria, Nariva /Mayaro and St Patrick East... Continue »

Short-term loan of potted plants/plants for indoor and outdoor décor

Download the Policy and Charges for Short-term Loans of Plants Continue »

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