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Provision of artificial insemination services for the livestock community

This service is offered week days, weekends and public holidays. The livestock semen is either frozen or fresh depending on the type of animal. The services are performed for cattle,... Continue »

Sugar Cane Feed Centre

In 1976 the Sugarcane Feeds Centre was established by the Mc. Gill University of Canada as a collaborative five (5) year project with the University of the West Indies. The... Continue »

National Animal Disease Centre (NADC)

(a) Rabies Control.   The Anti-Rabies Unit (ARU)   Control of Vampire Bat (rabies vector) populations through, routine monitoring of known roosts, identification of location of new roosts.   Investigation... Continue »

Mon Jaloux Forage Farm

Provision of a reliable supply of forage (freshly harvested and finely chopped) to livestock farmers. Continue »

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