Free Training Courses

The ETIS is dedicated to the provision of guidance courses and demonstrations, providing farmers and all other interested persons with information on aspects of agriculture and related issues. This Division continuously holds a number of guidance/training courses and demonstrations which can be obtained at the Farmer’s Training Centre in Centeno and at selected County Offices. So be sure to check at your County Office to see when they are available!

These courses focus on the following:

  • crop production
  • ornamental décor and landscaping
  • home gardening
  • livestock production
  • maintenance and repair skills
  • introductory organic farming,
  • farm management and marketing

Recently, several new courses have been introduced:

  • pasture management
  • improved livestock practices
  • fertilizer usage
  • effective pest management

Course Listing

In addition to the training courses, ETIS provides audio visual materials, publications, manuals and brochures can also be sourced at the ETIS Division. There are producer manuals for grow boxes, cassava, hot pepper, rabbit, papaya, and pumpkin. Other producer manuals are being developed. It should be noted that preference is given to staff and that there are limited resources available. Agricultural entrepreneurs looking for the right start can make use of on-farm demonstrations, trials, and farmer field schools. Ministry staff can also use these amenities. Contact the division for more information!

Course Limitations

Please note that there is a limit of thirty persons per course. We therefore recommend that you pre-register by placing a call to the Farmer’s Training Centre, to ensure yourself a guaranteed spot. These courses are advertised via the newspapers and flyers; the venues advertised therein can be contacted for more information.

Remote Locations

Communities in remote locations where there are no centres need not worry. The ETIS Division is equipped with a Mobile Learning self-contained bus which travels to these secluded communities. Classes take place inside the bus, which is equipped to deliver four courses.

Course Fees

All courses are offered free of charge.

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