Free Training Courses

The ETIS is dedicated to providing farmers and other interested persons with information and training on several aspects of agriculture and related issues. The Extension Training and Information Services Division now offers training to clients using different modes. Persons can now access our training Online (virtually), Face-to-Face or Asynchronously. The asynchronous option allows persons to register for specific courses and pursue the training online, at their own pace, from wherever they are, at their own time. These asynchronous offerings are usually done over a period of time, and participants are required to complete the training within the stipulated time-frame.

Face to face training courses and demonstrations are offered at the Farmer’s Training Centre in Centeno and at selected County Offices. Check at your County Office to see when they are available!

Courses are usually advertised online on the Division’s Facebook page ETIS Division and on the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries’ website.

These courses focus on the following:

• crop production
• plant propagation
• landscaping
• home gardening
• livestock production
• maintenance and repair of small engines and brush cutters
• agribusiness management and marketing


Course Limitations

Please note that there is a limit of thirty persons per course for face-to-face or in-person training sessions. There is no limit to the number of participants for the online and asynchronous training. However, there is a deadline for registration. When the registration link is closed, persons will not be able to register for that particular course in that month.


Course Fees

All courses are offered free of charge.


Click here to see List of available Online Courses

To register, please click on the following website link:

*Note that the above link is only active when course registration is open.


Information and Publications

In addition to the training courses, ETIS provides publications such as factsheets, brochures, flyers and manuals. These are available online or hard copies can be sourced at the ETIS Division. There are producer manuals for cassava, hot pepper, rabbit, papaya, ginger, pumpkin and dairy cattle. Other producer manuals are being developed. It should be noted that preference is given to staff, as resources are available. Agricultural entrepreneurs looking for the right start can make use of on-farm demonstrations, trials, and farmer field schools. Ministry staff can also use these amenities. Contact the division for more information!


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