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Sale of forage

Fresh grass is sold at Mon Jaloux Forage Development Centre and La Gloria Forage Farm to livestock farmers. The Mon Jaloux FDC is currently exploring the production of hay to... Continue »

Free Training Courses

The ETIS is dedicated to the provision of guidance courses and demonstrations, providing farmers and all other interested persons with information on aspects of agriculture and related issues. This Division... Continue »

Extension Support to Farmers

Available to all farmers within the North Region Continue »

Analytical Analyses

A range of analytical services are offered, including: Plant tissue Water Fertilizers Compost Livestock feed Continue »

Livestock Unit and Veterinary Services

There are small ruminants (sheep and goat) being reared at Mayaro breeding Unit, St Patrick East and Cedros Breeding Unit. The roles of these units are to provide the following... Continue »

Engineering Unit

The Engineering Unit is based at the St Patrick East Agricultural Station. The unit is responsible for the following activities: To ensure that channels are cleared using both mechanical and... Continue »

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