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Permit to Import Wild Flora and Fauna

A document which is used for the importation of wild plants and animals. It is prepared by the Wildlife Section of the Forestry Division to inform the relevant Sections of... Continue »

Trade Facilitatation – on Import Permits for Plants and Plant Products

This facility is available to residents of Trinidad and Tobago only. Continue »

Trade Facilitatation on Plant Pest Risk Analysis

This services is made available for importers pf plants and plant parts Continue »

Trade Facilitatation on Sanitary and Phytosanitary

This facility is aimed at importers, exporters and food producers Continue »

The Pest Risk Analysis Unit

In fulfillment of Trinidad and Tobago’s obligation as a Member of the WTO and adherence to the WTO Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement, under the article on Transparency a Pest Risk... Continue »

Plant Quarantine Service

The Plant Quarantine Service provides the first line of defense in pest surveillance that is, preventing the entry of pest into Trinidad and Tobago. It protects Trinidad and Tobago’s borders... Continue »

Hunting Season Closure

Please see the attached document for more information: HUNTING SEASON CLOSURE 2018-2019 Continue »

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