Roots and Tubers Crops Section

The section does agronomic research to improve food security, sustainability and competitiveness of local farming. Studies are focused on sweet potato, cassava, yams, dasheen and eddoes. The current drive is geared towards the national action plan as well as to assist producers to improve yields while developing economic, environmental and climate-smart cropping systems.

Officers and technical staff assist in the program along with stakeholders to improve crop production. The department also collaborates with other agencies and institutions which has a mandate to contribute towards sustainable crop production in Trinidad and Tobago. The root crops selected for germplasm conservation are prioritised on the basis of strategic goals set out by the plans of the Ministry of Food Production.

The research program is established at the Central Experiment Station, Centeno.

Mission Statement

To improve competitiveness and sustainability of the farming community by sharing accurate, relevant research information with all stakeholders.


To be the leading benefactor of reliable research results that impact with approbation to sustainable food production.


  • To contribute to the food security of the nation through research that facilitates the consistent production of nutritional food at reasonable prices.
  • To promote sustainable and climate smart agricultural development.
  • To enhance the competitiveness and productivity of the food production sector.

Research Activities

  • Morphological characterization of 55 sweet potato cultivars grown ex situ at the Central Experimental Station, Centeno, in collaboration with CARDI under the global crop diversity trust (GCDT FAO project).
  • Germplasm conservation – Maintenance of germplasm collections of cassava, sweet potato and yam.
  • Services and Technical assistance



The Cassava Hornworm

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