The Land Surveyors Act 33 of 1996

The Land Survey Board was established by the Land Surveyors Act 33 of 1996 and ancillary regulations. The Act provides for the registration of Land Surveyors, Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyors and Land Surveying Graduates, for the regulation of the practice of surveying and for other connected matters.

Ac copy of the Act can be access online at:



The mandates of the Board are:

(a) register applicants who are fit and proper persons and possess the prescribed qualifications and experience;

(b) prescribe the qualifications necessary in respect of each class of surveyor and provide for the examination of applicants for registration under Act 33 of 1996;

(c) promote and maintain high standards of professional education and conduct among persons engaged in the profession of surveying in Trinidad and Tobago;

(d) monitor adherence to and investigate breaches of the Code of Ethics;

(e) cause disciplinary proceedings to be taken in accordance with the provisions of Act 33 of 1996;

(f) negotiate and administer reciprocal arrangements with survey boards or other similar authorities of other countries for the purpose of securing uniformity and reciprocity in the education, training and recognition of persons engaged in surveying;

(g) advise the Minister on amendments to the law relating to surveying as it considers necessary;

(h) prescribe requirements for the continuing professional development of all surveyors;

(i) perform such other functions as may be conferred on it by Act 33 of 1996 or any other written law.



Under Act 33 of 1996, the Board has the authority to regulate the surveying profession in relation to the major categories of survey including: cadastral surveying, engineering surveying, geodetic surveying, hydrographic surveying, geographical and land information systems, cartography, land management, photogrammetry, and any other land surveying discipline recognised by the Board and the Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago.


At present the Board registers individuals in all nine(9) major categories of surveying.

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