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The Land Survey Board of Trinidad and Tobago

The Land Surveyors Act 33 of 1996 (The Act) provided structure for the registration of Land Surveyors, Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyors and Land Surveying Graduates, the regulation of the practice of surveying and connected matters.

The Act was assented to 19th November 1996 and established the role and function of the Director of Surveys (DoS) as well as the Land Survey Board of Trinidad and Tobago (LSBTT) and, indirectly, the Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago (ISTT).

Land Surveying is any process of determining, mapping or planning the position of or locating a point, a parcel of land, a body of water, or a structure, in relation to survey marks or any other structure whether man-made or natural or determining, mapping or planning the dimensions or form of a parcel of land or body of water.

Cadastral Surveying is determining the form, contour, position, area, shape, height, depth or nature of any part of the earth or of any natural or artificial features, and the position, length, and direction of bounding lines on, below or above any part of the earth for the purposes of making legal plans defining boundaries and registering land or documents with appropriate authorities.

Why is a Survey Plan necessary for a legal transfer?

Every map, plan or diagram of any land attached to any document tendered for registration under any law relating to the registration of land or title to land shall be certified by a Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor (TTLS) and be registered with the Director of Surveys. Further, any person not being a Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor, who performs the duties of a Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor, is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of ten thousand dollars and imprisonment for six months.

All persons and entities registered by the Land Survey Board of Trinidad and Tobago are issued with an annual Certificate of Registration, Survey Stamp and Identification Card. These instruments indicate the member’s category and currency of registration as well as his attainment of professional indemnity insurance coverage.



Under Act 33 of 1996, the Board has the authority to regulate the surveying profession in relation to the major categories of survey including: cadastral surveying, engineering surveying, geodetic surveying, hydrographic surveying, geographical and land information systems, cartography, land management, photogrammetry, and any other land surveying discipline recognised by the Board and the Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago.



The LSBTT is the authority to register –

  •   Land Surveying Graduates
  • Land Surveyors*
  • Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyors
  • Land Surveying Firms


* The Board is accepting application for registration in all nine(9) major categories of surveying


Register of Graduates and Surveyors

A list of all persons and entities registered under Act 33 of 1996 is published annually by the Registrar Secretary of the LSBTT in the Trinidad and Tobago Gazette. This annual list contains the surveyors registered by 1st February of the current year and is published on 1st March of the year.

Any person, partnership, association of persons or corporations not being registered and who – assumes, either alone or in conjunction with any other words or letters, the name or title of “Land Surveying Graduate”, “Land Surveyor”, or “Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor”; does anything, or causes, suffers or permits anything to be done, that is likely to cause a person reasonably to believe that he is registered as a Land Surveyor or Trinidad and Tobago Land Surveyor; or  engages in the practice of surveying and is not acting under the personal supervision of a person registered under Act 33 of 1996, commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of ten thousand dollars and to imprisonment for six months.


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