Conservancies and Ranges

Conservancy Ranges Office Days Office Telephone
North West Conservancy River Estate Tuesday Head Office 225-3893
Tacarigua Thursday St. Joseph
Blanchisseuse Friday St. Joseph
North East Conservancy Mt. Harris Monday Sangre Grande 225-3725
Valencia Tuesday Sangre Grande 225-3725
Melajo Wednesday Sangre Grande 225-3725
Tamana Thursday Sangre Grande 225-3725
Matura Friday Sangre Grande 225-3725
North Central Conservancy Brazil/Talparo Tuesday Cumuto 225-3707
Cumuto Wednesday Cumuto 225-3707
Arena Wednesday Cumuto 225-3707
McNair Thursday Cumuto 225-3707
Mamoral Thursday Cumuto 225-3707
South West Conservancy Cap-de-ville/Erin/Cedros Tuesday & Wednesday Cap-de-ville
Morne Diablo/Quarry/Quinam Wednesday Morne Diablo
South East Conservancy Rio Claro East Tuesday Rio Claro 225-3847
Rio Claro West Tuesday Rio Claro 225-3847
Biche Wednesday Rio Claro 225-3847
Guayaguayare Thursday Rio Claro 225-3847
Mayaro Thursday Rio Claro 225-3847
South Central Conservancy Brickfield Tuesday Brickfield 225-2402
New Grant Tuesday Brickfield 225-2402
Piparo/Tabaquite/Brasso Tuesday Brickfield 225-2402
Catshill Tuesday St.Mary’s, Moruga
Marac Tuesday St. Mary’s, Moruga
Forestry Information Unit 225-3846
FRIM 225-3866

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