Animal Health Sub-Division

Focus Areas

    • REGULATORY: Administers and enforces the Animal (Diseases and Importation) Ordinance 1954, and the diseases of Animals (Poultry) Ordinance of 1952.
    • PREVENTATIVE: Takes necessary action to control and eradicate notifiable diseases, and other infectious diseases.
    • ADVISORY: Advises the public on Animal Health and Husbandry matters.
    • TRAINING: Assists in the training of Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Personnel.
    • CURATIVE: Provides Veterinary/Medical care for all livestock.
    • DIAGNOSTIC: Provides a specialized Laboratory Services for the diagnosis of Animal and Poultry Diseases.
    • PUBLIC HEALTH: Coordinates and collaborates with the Ministry of Health on issues related to Zoonoses and Public Health matters.


A list of services are available on the Animal Production & Health Division page.

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