Site Selection – Planting and Maintenance of Fruit Trees

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Site Selection – Planting and Maintenance of Fruit Trees

We have discussed planting seedlings, seeds and cuttings. However, there are very few homes in our beautiful country that does not have a fruit tree in its yard. So how do we plant fruit trees?

Transplanting Fruit Trees
• Choose trees that suit the space
• Plant trees at least 8m (25ft) away from all structures to prevent damage by roots
• Ensure trees are staked 15 cm from its base to secure it from toppling
• Dig a hole large enough to facilitate the whole root ball with extra space for the stake
• Add 2 parts soil to 1 part manure and 30 g of 12:24:12  fertilizer and add to planting hole


Soil and Water Conservation

If you are planting on hillsides there are several management practices that aide in soil and water conservation

  • Crop Rotations
    • Relay planting (sowing second crop while the first is still in the ground)
    • Contour cultivation and planting
    • Use of organic matter ( improves soil structure, fertility and moisture holding capacity)
    • Laying crop residue or mulch on exposed soil (impede water flow)
    • Diversification of farm enterprise
    • Maintenance of forest at the upper end of slopes
    • Protection of land with cover crops during fallow period
    • Confinement of animals so they do not cause erosion or compaction of soil


Please see our Home Gardening Album for relevant factsheets pertaining to this video


Video – Site Selection Planting and Maintenance of Fruit Trees


Information courtesy the Extension Training and Information Services (ETIS) Division

Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries

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