Preparation of Media for Container Planting

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Preparation of Media for Container Planting


Preparing the Growing Medium for your Home Garden


What is the Growing Medium?

The growing medium is defined as the material in which plants are cultivated.

They are generally either:

Soil Based
• Contains Soil

Soil Less
• Sharp sand/ Gravel
• Potting Soil Mixture/Peat moss
• Coco Coir
• Water
• Air


Soil Based Growing Media Contain
• Inorganic Material – Sharp sand
• Organic Material – Soil, Manure, Compost, Peat Moss
• Additives – Fertilizer, Limestone


In a Soil Less medium e.g. sharp sand
• There are no substantial nutrients,
• So fertilizers have to be added to provide the nutrients
required for the plant to grow.


It is made of a mixture of different components which:
• Facilitate proper root growth and development
• Be friable ( easily crumbled)
• Provide good aeration and drainage
• Retain sufficient moisture for the use by plants
• Supply nutrients needed for good plant growth and yields

  • Be as free as possible of pests and diseases organisms
    • Have a pH range of around 6-7


In your Home Garden your media will be made up of a mix of
• 2 parts Soil: 1 part Sharp Sand: 1 part Cured Manure
• Limestone
• A Rooting Fertilizer e.g. TSP or 12.24.12 + TE


⚠️Note: Limestone must be added Pre planting especially for Solaneceous crops e.g. Tomatoes, Peppers


Video -How to Prepare the Growing Medium



Information courtesy the Extension Training and Information Services (ETIS) Division

Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries

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