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Land Preparation


Land Preparation for Your Home Garden


Now that we have covered how to prepare the growing medium, those of you with containers can get started.

If you are planting in the soil you will have a few additional steps:


Step 1
• Determine the Soil Type
– Sandy
– Clay
– Loam


Step 2
• Clear the selected area of everything you don’t need
– Remove weeds ( by hoe, weed wacker, brushing cutlass)
– Remove undesirable materials
– Do not remove by burning ( as this destroys organic matter, kills of beneficial soil organisms and results     in soil erosion)

Step 3
• Observed the drainage pattern of the area cleared
– This helps determine the orientation of the beds
– Prevent soil erosion


Step 4
• Prepare the planting area to ensure adequate drainage, aeration and space for root growth


Step 5
Determine if you are planting in individual holes or on beds
• Individual Holes
– Make a Planting hole
– Add and mix sharp sand, organic matter and limestone to the soil removed from the planting hole
– Place the mixture in the planting hole
• Beds
– Prepare the planting area by tilling or loosening the soil
– Spread the mixture of sharp sand, organic matter, and limestone evenly over the entire area and incorporate in the soil
– Form beds- size of beds depends on the crop chosen
– The bed can be any length but should allow you to reach the center of the bed

Step 6
• Make drains at least 20 cm deep to allow excess run –off water from the beds to flow into the main drains

Step 7
• Plant you seedling or sapling


Video– Land Preparation



Information courtesy the Extension Training and Information Services (ETIS) Division

Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries

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