Fertilizing and Weed Control

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Fertilizing and Weed Control

So it’s time we learned about fertilizing those plants you have recently planted


What is a Fertilizer
• Any organic or inorganic material of natural or synthetic origin that are added to a soil to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of pants.


Fertilizers may be Organic or Inorganic.

  • Organic ( derived from living sources)
    -Manure from animal waste
    -Compost derived from plants & organic material
  • Inorganic (Manufactured or mined chemical compounds)
    -They may be Simple or complex
    -Are derived from elements that are bonded together
    -May be in the form of a Solid: Granular; Crystalline or Liquid

Now remember all fertilizers are not the same. Every fertilizer will have different mineral compounds. Depending on the stage of growth your plant is in it will need different fertilizers to provide it with the raw elements necessary for it to grow and produce.


The Three Main Nutrients are:
N : P : K
Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium

These will be the letters you commonly see when you go to purchase fertilizers at the agro shop.

If your soil is now being prepared you will need a fertilizer high in Phosphorus (P)- Root development

If your plant is now growing and producing leaves you will need a fertilizer high in Nitrogen (N)- Shoot development

If your plant is already grown and mature enough to flower and fruit you will need a fertilizer high in Potassium (K)- Flower and Fruit development


Nutrients needed by Plant
• Macro/ Major:
– Nitrogen (N); Phosphorus (P); Potassium (K)
• Secondary:
– Calcium (Ca); Magnesium (Mg); Sulphur (S)
• Micro:
– Iron (Fe) ; Chlorine (Cl); Copper (Cu); Manganese (Mn); zinc
(Zn); Molybdenum (Mo); Boron (Bo)

Nutrients needed by Plant
• In the soil before planting – 12:24:12 + TE
• While growing – 20:10:10 + TE
• While flowering and fruiting – 9:6:24 + TE
• Seedlings after they are transplanted– 20:20:20 + TE (equal parts of all N: P: K but at a high level and soluble so plant can access it easily.


Video– How Should Fertilizers be Applied



Information courtesy the Extension Training and Information Services (ETIS) Division

Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries

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