Characteristics of Healthy Planting Material

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Characteristics of Healthy Planting Material


So now you know how to select healthy seedlings for the home garden, but did you know there are many other ways to grow plants in your home garden.

Here is some of the information on how to select and collect seeds for future use in your home garden.


Factors to consider when Selecting Seeds
• Seeds should be viable
• Seeds should be clean (No spots, cracks, holes, growths)
• Seeds should be taken from mature, healthy fruits
• Do not use seeds from diseased plants
• Do not use from plants that did not perform properly
• Dry seeds properly before storing (air dry)


Factors to consider when Purchasing Seeds
• Properly labeled
• Sold in doubled sealed packages
• Did not expire
• Displayed in a cool area
• Have a high germination percentage


Video – Selecting of Planting Material Part 1

Information courtesy the Extension Training and Information Services (ETIS) Division

Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries

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