Open Public Tenders

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is inviting tenders for the following works as follows:

Please scroll down for further instructions and registration form.

 1)      Tender Group A – Infrastructure Works

·        Contract  1 – ED22/23 – OGFCP: Reconstruction of Road Crossing and Raising of Road Level Leading to the Sluice      Gate Site at Orange Grove Project

·        Contract  2 – EDSHP 22/23 : Rehabilitation of Shipping Road, Felicity

·        Contract  3 – EDBRE 22/23 : Rehabilitation of Bernard Road, Felicity

·        Contract  4 – EDHRT 22/23 – : Rehabilitation of Hart Trace, Tableland

·        Contract  5 – APH22/23-SFC01:  Desilting And Cleaning of Farm Pond at Sugarcane Feeds Centre

·        Technical Information Package for Agricultural Infrastructure Projects


2)      Tender Group B – Desilting Works

·        Contract  1 – ED22/23 – DESILT1: Caroni (Bernard Road, Caroni Project, Jerningham Project)

·        Contract  2 – ED22/23 – DESILT2: St. George (La Compensation, Bon Air Food Crop Project)

·        Contract  3 – ED22/23 – DESILT3: St. Andrew/St. David (Mora Allotment Food Crop Project)

·        Contract  4 – ED22/23 – DESILT4: Victoria (Massey Lands, Moruga Food Crop Project)

·        Contract  5 – ED22/23 – DESILT5: St. Patrick East (Oropouche State Lands – Rahamut Trace, Puzzle Island)

·        Contract  6 – ED22/23 – DESILT6: Nariva/Mayaro (Cushe Food Crop Project, North Boundary Trace)

·        Technical Information Package for Desilting Projects


3)      Tender Group C – Building Repairs and Refurbishment

·        Contract  1 – CAU22/23-PLCF01: Refurbishment of Praedial Larceny Squad Facility, Carlsen Field

·        Contract  2 – CAU22/23-PLCV01: Refurbishment of Praedial Larceny Squad Facility, Craignish Village

·        Contract  3 – CAU22/23-PLER01: Refurbishment of Praedial Larceny Squad Facility, El  Reposo

·        Contract  4 – CAU22/23-PLER02: Refurbishment of Praedial Larceny Squad Workers Facility, El Reposo

·        Contract  5 – FRD22/23-MSBFT01: Repair of Fire Tower at Mount St. Benedict

·        Technical information package for Building Construction/ Refurbishment Projects


All submissions must be accompanied by the following documents :-

·        Completed technical information package duly signed by the authorized authority

·        Mandatory Documents comprising: Certificate of Registration/Incorporation/Continuance (as applicable); Valid Board of Inland Revenue Clearance Certificate; 

Valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate or letter of exemption from the Board of Inland Revenue; National Insurance Board Compliance Certificate dated at least six (6) months prior to closing of tender

·        Any other documentation specified in the Tender Document




The procedure for collection and delivery of packages are as follows:

  1. Tenderers are required to submit a MALF Public Tenders Form.  To access this Form, click here . The cut-off date is 28th April, 2023 at 2:00 pm.
  2. The Package/s for each Tender Group can be downloaded from the respective Tender Groups indicated above.
  3. Two (2) soft copies in PDF format (each on a separate USB flash drive) of the completed tender packages (signed and scanned) are to be placed in a sealed envelope with the name and address of the Tenderer and clearly marked:





Note 1: Each Flash drive must be individually labelled/tagged with the Tenderer’s Name and Tender Group.

Note 2: Separate Flash Drives are to be submitted for each Tender Group.


  1. Tenderers should note that their submissions on each flash drive must have two (2) files. File No. 1 (named Technical) must contain the mandatory documents and the information requested for the technical evaluation i.e. Human Resource Capacity, Equipment Capability, Experience and Financial Resources. File No. 2 (named Financial) must contain the financial bid comprising the Form of Tender and Bills of Quantities for each contract. Note that it is mandatory for your submission to include at least one (1) year’s Audited Financial Statements from an independent auditor, within the last three year period.
  2. Tenderers may tender for individual contracts within any or all Tender Groups but no tenderer shall be awarded more than a total of two (2) contracts over the entire Groups A – C.
  3. Tenderers are to note that attendance at the Clarification Meetings and Site Visits are Mandatory. Failure to attend shall result in automatic disqualification.
  4. Envelopes must be deposited in the Tender Boxes located at the Ground Floor Lobby, Ministry’s Head Office Corner Narsaloo Ramaya Marg Road and Soogrim Trace, Chaguanas on 23rd – 26th May 2023 between 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. The Tenderer shall sign the register confirming that a submission was deposited.



The Permanent Secretary reserves the right to cancel the exercise in its entirety or even partially, without defraying any cost incurred by any applicant in the submission of his/her tender.


Coomarie Goolabsingh

Permanent Secretary (Ag.)

April 19, 2023

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